Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Post...

Mirror or no mirror, I know that I have an ego as big as Mt. Everest… So, here’s my first post about my darling, for my darling and by my darling.. and that’s Moi…
Let me help you know me better so you don’t wonder about the meaningless drivel that you come across…and if at all it perturbs you, knowing who has written it, you would rest assured.
5 Things About Me… or could be more but this seemed the apt title for my first post.
5 Snacks I enjoy…
1) Chat or PaniPuri anytime, with lots and lots of Onions and Tomatoes mixed
2) Hot Hot Sizzling Brownie
3) Lays Cream-n-Onion Flavour
4) Bread and Butter…(believe me or not..i actually relish it anytime of the day)
5) Raw Maggi with Masala sprinkled over it…( The hot spicy taste of it … the memories of its taste brought back by a burp few moments ago..make sure its absolutely raw,just out of the packet and crunchy)
5 Bad Habits I possess...
1) Thinking over small things again and again
2) My voice and current size (both make my presence conspicuous)
3) Disordered Wardrobe and I hate ironing
4) Ready to Eat at the drop of your hat
5) Cracking my knuckles
5 Things I Love to Do...
1) Purposely getting wet in rain only to come back to Mom’s pampering, Snuggling in the warm blanket and listen to the sound of pouring rain with Hot Bournvita or Chocolate Drink and Triangles of Bread Jam and Bread-Butter on my side.
2) Look at old pictures in the albums
3) Read Everything I can lay my hands on and that means everything…Even in Bathrooms…Love reading Archies there though but can manage with anything Right from Mfg Date and Address on the crimp of Tooth Pastes to the Principal Ingredients of Harpic
4) Cook for my family or Snuggle beside Mom wheneva’s shez fast asleep
5) Watching Tom and Jerry all alone with just me and a bottle of coke.
5 Biggest Joys at the Moment...
1) That my birthday is round the corner
2) The bar of Cadbury Crackle that’s in my Bag and that I’m gonna relish after this
3) People are dying to send me onsite and I'm refusing..Glad that I m in such a position to refuse...
4) Funny Videos loaded in my hard disk
5) I finally got down to writing this blog
5 Things I don’t like...
1) Flies buzzing around me or Red ants in near proximity of my food
2) The fact that I don’t know why I have started liking Hrithik and Shahrukh all of a sudden although I will never admit it again after this
3) People picking their nose and admiring, examining and analyzing the goo
4) Men Scratching their Balls anywhere and everywhere and lining up near the walls to relieve themselves
5) The wait before the Exams and then the wait for the Results
5 Things I don’t know why...
1) Why do I cry when I see any actor/actress crying in movies or any damn sad scene?
2) Why can’t I express it to my parents and the people I love that I miss them and love them even if I move 5 more Kms further from where I am?
3) Why do I get poignant when I see sufferings around me?
4) Why do I get nostalgic when I see the school where I studied and then try to hide my tears and act as if it doesn’t matter?
5) Why do I get a different feeling when I hear our National Anthem or something that makes our nation Proud? A mixed feeling of pride and nostalgia when I see others praising and saluting my country whereas its own citizens criticize and despise it, myself being one of them.
5 Things I like about myself...
1) A wannabe aspirant to become a hybrid of Bill Gates + Mother Teresa + Micheal Jackson. Lemme Explain ( Bill gates – richest, Mother teresa- love,compassion for those in suffering, Micheal Jackson- fame…a silly farmer in xianzhou wud know him. So All in all, I love myself for daring aspire to become the Most Richest, Loved and the Most Famous Person on Earth)
2) No matter How much Sad I feel at that instant, I would go out of way to help out others in their problem
3) The fact that I relate myself to anything I watch on the reel..TV/Movies
4) I really care irrespective of the innumerable times when I say I don’t
5) That I don’t stay in the same mood for long. Love my polarity,.. Actually the way my face lights up when I see Cadbury Dairymilk in front of me…
5 Things I hate or absolutely abhor...
1) Obnoxious smell of public urinals in India
2) Oil-free Diet Food
3) Dumping me with work or requesting for Status Report just as I m abt to leave office
4) An Indian Citizen with just 2-3 weeks exposure of US onsite talking in US English Accent using their Slangs
5) People asking me to reduce and offering free diet tips and slimming ideas with one typical line…Tu Patli ho jayegi to bahut achchi dikhegi…kareena kapoor lagegi..Why would I wanna be like her? I m happy being myself.
5 Things I want to Do before I Die...
1) World Tour not missing out a single country (Cruise included)
2) Feeding Penguins,Orangutans and Koalas out of my hand
3) Buy a Swiss Chalet kinda palace on a sea shore
4) Pray at each and every famous Hindu Temple for the happiness of my family
5) Visit all the places that Make India incredible
5 Places I would love to go once again...
1) Wanakbori Thermal Power Station Housing Colony
2) Kathmandu
3) Karan Nagar
4) Istanbul
5) Dehradun
5 Questions in my mind at the moment...
1) Why don’t I have a typical Accent that’s particular to anyone who has stayed in any state for more than 20 years
2) Why don’t Gods have surnames?
3) When will India become a super-power as foretold by so many astrologers and vanquish its neighbours?
4) Who all would wish me on my birthday and gift wat???????
5) Would this well begun be half done ???

Well, as they end it in Tom-n-Jerry…I will sign off saying That’s all Folks...


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