Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday on a Wednesday !!!

Well....... I was confused which movie do i watch last night...Tahaan or Wednesday... Faced errors with former so sat down for the latter...Knowing that it was all full of blasts having seen the same in the promos...The another trade fact of this movie was that chief minister Narendra Modi was full of praises...The guy who neva saw any movie after 1942-- A Love Story, cannot he evolved as a cine goer. Doesnt understand wat movies of today are all about... So nevertheless I sat down for this...
Now what do you get when you cross 2 Veteran Theatre Actors yet extremely charismatic who play as its leading protagonists, 2 Actors whom nobody takes notice of other than their chocolate boy sweetie-pie looks and a bimbette known for her remix videos and hip-shakes in the videos??? A disaster of the millenium??? NO.... infact a wondefully made movie that appealed sooooooooo much that I would rank it in the cateogory of Rang De Basanti...Cut out music and extra senti dialouges..who needs them with a wonderful script and power-packed acting of Naseeruddin Shah ably supported to the Hilt by Anupam Uncle !!! Wednesday has none of the Bollywood OOmph or Masala.

WHY i rank it in the genre of Rang De Basanti types is that they both appeal as a outcry of the common man against the ongoings of our country...The helplessness of the govt. at a phone call to relieve the terrorists is sooo well-explained. Brings back the memory of the days wen militants were released in lieu of hijacked passenger in Afghanistan.Although i sometimes find RDB a little far-fetched..comeon,popping off the defense minister and everything...But here subtly and slowly everything is relieved as to how Nasirudding procures information abt everyone and everything via makes us believe that yes, wat he did is possible...
The O'Henry twist that this movie lent was Amazing...I had expected the usual cliched end with the death of Jimmy Shergill,who plays a tough ATS Commando...thought he wud give jaan for the nation and thus instill some desh-bhakti in the minds of viewers...Infact, it was assumed because the way Anupam Kher,the police commissioner asks Amir Bashir another cop to..."Ye Sab ho jaane ke baad tum, usko ............" its all upto ur imagination...
Amir Bashir,poor man's Jimmy Shergill, has come a long way since i saw him in some daily soaps...The way he acts as if acting infront of the TV camera is one time that i really liked him...Jimmy Shergill has come out of that cast of Mohabbatein..Even though he was catapulted to be the next heart-throb of the nation, he cud no way ever match the Hrithik mania...will come back to hrithik friend,lets call her S,still goes weak in the knees wen she dreams of Hrithik inspite of knowing of his marital status...Jimmy mania though can never match that madness but has really really improved and I really hope he gets many projects to show case his brilliant performance. and Deepal Shaw better continue Your KABHI AAR KABHI PAAR jingles...thats the best profession for u...She tried to act and give a-la BARKHA DUTT type performance but i would give higher marks to Barkha's acting skills than her.She's failed at the role of an aspiring journo. She tries her best to be scintillating in an absolutely non-glamourous role but I would still suggest that she was better wen she acted as a porn star in Kalyug...Sometimes you can add a personal touch to some roles and some roles actually go along with ur persona...
Neeraj Pandey and his technical team deserve applauses for putting together a neat, cohesive and engrossing film about a subject that’s beginning to feature more than often in Bollywood movies.But the one who takes all the laurels is Naseeruddin Shah for yet another memorable performance... He looks soooooooooooooooooo natural when he talks as an antagonist who has taken up cudgels against the current system and terrorism.He doesn’t come with a stereotyped religious label. In fact, he has no label at all. He is a ‘common man’ who vents out his angst by taking on the system and trying to bring it down to its knees. Anupam Kher manages to bring about a calculated balance of calm, control and panic in his performance.
You actually feel like killing the villians of the movie when they call off their signatures as "93 BOMB-BLASTS---FAKR HAI!!!"........On the whole a paisa vasool movie... M so late in giving the reviews but wat to do couldnt resist...this movie deserved it..

Now you guys wait till i watch ROCK ON...Have Heard its good...

What is India Abroad???

Well....... back after a break. as if someone actually missed reading my posts all the while... well, in pardes and with paredesis around me... leave aside Hindi dying to speak someone in English... well,that how life is. it always happens to the most talkative ones that they get placed in solitude with no one to blabber around with.some say silence and solitude is good for the soul but almost a month here i still havent been able to any introspection...maybe i am not one of those who find their calling in Loneliness and Beauty.
well all that i have come around to discover the new world is that either they are all dufuses and got 0 in geography or they feign to know have only limited knowledge about india...Comeon, wats the schooling here? my teachers wud have rapped my knuckles with a wooden ruler had i even said that I dunno where this country is? anyways going by my experiences this is what i found that ppl know about india..
So on one weekend,saturday nite to be precise, i got bored with the boring life i decided to take a stroll around the city...walking and strolling i came over to an art gallery...for the first time i saw soo many paintings in display..having never been able to admire art all i have come across, i thought lemme give it a shot and see wat do ppl actually see in those paintings that they stand there for hours admiring and talking abt it...was out of the gallery in 5 minutes wen i met the owner outside, the first guy i met who spoke english...Hallelujah!!! so he got talking to me abt life in georgia and asked me where i came from...his eyes shone when he heard its India.I was glad i had made a mark..
so after 5-10 minutes of talking abt his work and wat work i do, he asked me to stay back and that he would serve me Famous Georgian Wine and wanted to discuss something crucial with me...The Indian Instinct Alarm Bells started Ringing...Why stay back after midnight?i asked him wat was sooooooo important that he wanted to talk about and that too with me coz i havent ever been remotely attached to this field of art..and he proclaimed...
"Well, you see I have always been interested in India as I always wanted to know all and everything about KAMASUTRA...."
AND here goes my mind "Saale, Kamine,
#@$%^*(&&^%$#$%*^.... samja kya hai" his grandchildren were elder than me for god's sake...
"so i said, i have a plane to catch tomorrow morning, why dont i see you this weekend ?" although reluctantly, he let me go...

i dont know his intentions but with that typical indian cautiousness regarding men and strangers, i wanted to avoid that situation and runaway from there... Now thats the point...why do we indians who hold accolades for having the world's highest population consider a stigma to talk abt it? agreed the propreity says that somethings aren't worth talking about but this evasion is also incorrect...maybe those were my instincts that wanted to evade it all... maybe the guy was actually interested in the art and architectural point of view and we know how such artists are... but then what was it that I felt wrong?? Associating India with Kamasutra or his thinking that I might be the right person to enlighten him about it?lolz....
Anyways..There few ppl out here who make me happy too...happy that I belong to India...... So here at this supermarket i met this old lady who asked me where I am from. on hearing India...she Remarked...
All the oldies joined in frm sides and chorused SHAMMI KOPUR??? SHASHI KOPUR ????and a middle aged with receding hairline........MEETHAN CHAKKAR BARRTHI???(uGHghhh..not that one please)
and the best one.... One of the youngsters chimed in..."A.R Rehman is cool..We all like his music here..." imagine Rehman being famous and all that they knew abt HINDI was the Cliched NAMASTE and JAI HIND....
Well, not bad for a country where 99% ppl dont speak english.... The only strangest part was they hadnt even HEARD of Botox-King Khan, Ash or any of the Bacchans...Well, I hope now we know who our actual superstars are...
Anyways thats all about my experiences here...If anyone you who chances by to read this, would love to read your comments...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Teachers' Day & School Days

An Ode to Teachers.
This is for all the teachers who have formed an integral part of my life and help me mould myself into the person I am today. They have deserve a lion's share in creating the person I am today.As I look back, i would say that Had it not been for some of them who showed interest in me,loving me and treating me as special, I would never be here
being wat I am, a source of Envy for some and topic of criticism and gossip for others...and by that i know i am successful...As I heard somewhere.. That if a person is being criticized and constantly gossiped about, then it should be understood that the person is progressing in life...

Most of the times in my pre-primary school days I saw love everywhere maybe coz i was the daughter of a teaching staff but the primary schoool days were a nightmare in the later half...I actually slogged a lot during school days...Imagine Not even a single day absentieism in all those 5 years only not to be recognized because a silly lady
forgot to mark me present and was adamant in staying by wat she said. Last few years in primary school were spoiled coz the principal happened to be my relative and all thought that I would be getting unnecessary and undue favours from her so they tried to set me right by being extra-torturesome..I agree i was naughty actually more than
needed. and now that I retrospect it were simple attention grabbing techniques to get love from classmates and teachers...Being brought up all alone i did feel a need of sibling...I used to shower my love on the classmates I took for brothers and sisters I never got...Acted,Danced and was Practically a Joker for them. I did as they wanted to
befriend them...Smiled and Cried all to beget friends. Naive as I was till a long I never realized at that age that you never win friends like that. I dont know whether I knew how to make friends or not but then I dont think i have learnt the tricks of trade even now..But still I can boast of friends who are gonna be there for me till eternity...

But Unlike that time, I never had to insult myself and self-respect begging for friendships to the various groups formed amongst the class. The guys wouldnt have me then and the gals hated me...Thats when the guys pass through Girls are Icky Phase and the gals are desperately trying to dominate others. So practically I was a loner in school days. Dunno wat made them get pissed off at me...My overt-vibrant self, my knowing all answers or the fact that I was better off than them in all things simply cudnt be digested and to top it off they wudnt wanna give the credit for my knowledge and wat i was to me but to my relative's presence as a principal... I mean would the senior classes come running to pinch my cheeks,ruffle my hair and plant kisses on my cheeks just coz i was related to the princy??? i dont accept that..If that fear was so inherent in students then why would almost all of my classmates complain about me and that too almost everyday....and reasons?? i flew my hankie in air and she cudnt see the blackboard for a fraction of second and lo...i had to stand outside the gal found me picking my nose and she felt it yucky......i tried to tease her but before i cud she yelled and made me bend down on knees...or stand on the bench with raised hands...that sowed seeds of eternal in the evning i pushed her and plop.. she fell along with the day i knew wat was in store for me...the class teacher made me sit on the floor as she claimed she got Rib Cage Fracture and she had trouble breathing untill she saw me punished...guess her parents might have told that wud help and she was breathing very well wen she smiled ear to ear at her victory on seeing me stand outside the class...well i will dedicate another post to the wierd punishments i got and the fights...i wudnt blame the kids..they were all kids too albeit 2-3 years elder to me and myself being the youngest having cleared prep. classes earlier than others. and by the end of 5 yrs i got irritated the mentality..couldnt bear it any more. The last nail in the coffin was the following incident. I used to be a studious kid. so write and write pages full of questions and their answers,give reasons,short notes,idioms,phrases and everything..U dont become a ranker in class without working hard. I had this fetish for new compass boxes and getting a whole new geometry set or color boxes for by mistake while revising i left a note in my compass box...halfway thru the exam i needed to change my pencil instead of wasting my time in sharpening it I discovered a note with questions and answers that i wrote for practice. Oh shit !!! i got scared...10-11yr olds dont copy or cheat in exams and that too taking i tried to throw the paper..the teacher caught me. and verified...that question wasnt even there in the paper...but she felt i had been given the questions by my relative who was actually a very upright lady who wudnt ever dream of such a thing and neither wud my parents who didnt want me to score but to learn well...wat made the teachers think i had guts to do wat even college goin students dont do... they scolded me left and right...and that became a joke amongst students..everyone wud come
over and enquire how i fared in that particular exams...some also started chanted CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL as i passed still makes me go red in the face... Only One Teacher amongst this period is worth remembering and I still love and respect her...My english teacher.......She somehow understood me well and loved me...

Too much of primary school stories...Entering a new school in Secondary section...i made all teachers fall in love with me except 2 of them whom i abhor till date.i swear i had plotted to kill one of them, who used to hit us badly with foot rulers and dusters, when i grew up..i had planned her accident meticulously....Lolz... maybe she had a particular aversion to me...she almost passing marks when she taught us sanskrit and the next year and for all the years to come after that she taught us Hindi and gave me the lowest marks in that... somehow after she stopped teaching us sanskrit i scored brilliantly...and hindi where i had got the highest marks until she took the chair became the weakest link in my report card...its to put her down i worked hard and hard and improved on my all skills and handwriting which earlier resembled heiroglyphics..guess i shud give her the credit for scoring the highest in boards in hindi... yet the same disdain after I joined the school post the declaration of results. and yes...she dint even knew i scored that high..and the trend for giving me the lowest and criticizing my handwriting continued for the last 2 years of school life...guess...even in this era i loved my new english teacher... infact i had the rest of teachers eating out of my hands... they actually loved me for wat i am...once i fell damn sick that had to be operated upon and guess wat? the teachers came over to my place coz they were misssing me...had a reunion some days ago and they still miss me... and i wud love to quote my english teacher here abt wat she said regarding me.." The era of students like (my name) is completely gone...Now you dont get students like her...Such control over the language...passion for language... now cant be seen in this new breed of students..i still remember her..and you know why she excelled coz she loved the languages...she understood the simplicity as no one else did. i can never have a student like her..." Thanks Maam... Love u... its not that i dint have tiffs here..i did..but some other post for that as i remind myself..
School taught me lot many things...numero uno being how to adjust with people...i mean i agree i was a brat and cudnt mix up with ppl being pampered with love and made me realize i dont get the princess treatment everywhere.. i learnt to be treated as trash.i learnt wat the worst in the world could mean...and that made me learn how to cope up with the worst life throws in my face...
I have learnt to hit back at the right time.
i have learnt to keep mum..
i have learnt to show my strength who need to be intimidated

but school dint teach me few things...and they are...

everything is not just black or white. nothing can be divided by a thin line of righteousness
actually there are times when there isnt a happy ending
there are times when angels dont come to the rescue of people
constitution and judicial system dont work as they say in textbooks
geography of the actual world and smiling people shown as illustrations in the books are not the true replica of the citizens of any
history was written and is re-written by winners and victors
poems dont sell in this age.the era of wordsworth and tagore is gone...hardly few appreciate verses and those who do actually dont understand wat it is...
art sells only wen u have connections...

Anyways...few more things that life taught me and school didnt might be added on later... gtg as of now...waiting for your comments...this was the first insight in my life... At the end, would like to thank all the teachers who were a part of my life since childhood till today and that includes my parents and friends who taught me many things and all those who taught me things in all walks of life...Adios for now...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who's Happy in Today's World - Men or Women???

Sometimes I wish I was a guy... Hey, I m not an MCP or those anti-feminist sorts... but somehow i feel that life is much easier for men...dont u think so?This is wat i read somewhere...Why is it better to be a male and my views for them

  1. Your last name stays put (Unless you are Sonia Garware whose surname inspite of innumerable marriages has remained the same.)
  2. Wedding plans take care of themselves. (Why do you need to worry where unlike us females you would gladly let ur parents do all the shopping for you and your would be? Why are we females so finicky about wat to wear and wat goes with wat)
  3. Chocolate is just another snack.(Which you could hog in a go unlike us, who relish each and every bit of it knowing how many meals would be skipped to compensate for the calories put on)
  4. You can be President without the people talking and bitching about you.( Atleast now that doesnt stand true in India...Now even if we dont hold the front seat, everybody knows who's driving)
  5. You can never be pregnant and u never get to know wat PMS or Labour Pain is ( And you guys its so very macho of you not to cry for a broken nail or a bruise...Why dont you try facing half of wat we actually can manage to bear)
  6. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.( Well, I compensate for that by wearing it to showers or ladies batch in Swimming Pools and my Aqua-Aerobics Classes)
  7. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. (That doesn't sound very fetching to me...I wouldnt like that personally...Although i like somewat hairy men..but anil kapoor types and Shahrukh types are a complete No-No)
  8. The world is your urinal.(I understand that wen you gotta go, You gottaa go...but then imagine being in our position. You wouldnt be able to make those stances and positions that we DO to control it...)
  9. Wrinkles add character.(I personally find that would count me as one amongst the wise and elegant ladies but then a Botox no matter how old i look would be a complete no for me.)
  10. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them.(Unless, you are a model for Jockey underwear,nobody wud stare at the male private parts)
  11. New shoes don't cut, blister or mangle your feet.... (Wow!!! u guys are sooooo rough and tough but then thats why you all neva get a chance to get into the CRACK or any foot-cream ads.)
  12. One mood all the time. (So wat??? We are privileged and we have rights to change our mood weneva we want.No wonder we are considered so enigmatic and u all men, so boring !!)
  13. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.(Thats shows how intellectual you are with nothing to talk about)
  14. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.(Wish you had a wonderful choice for wardrobes even you wud be dying to take them all)
  15. You can open all your own jars (Thank us for the exercise we give you otherwise you all wud be roaming around with flab and one-packs)
  16. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.(Now you know wat we expect from you....Nothing)
  17. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend. (Self-Esteem and Self-Respect are things of past maybe for you all....For us,it matters a lot, my dears!!!)
  18. Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.(he he he...and that too wat NICE varities..with and without pockets)
  19. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. (Must suit your wardrobe which is or would be equally sparse)
  20. You almost never have strap problems in public.( But wat about scratching ur crotch and ur underwear elastic probs)
  21. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.(Yes with eyes on us all the while,you've got to be oblivious to your own self)
  22. Everything on your face stays its original color.(But how many look at it this boring unicolor schema designed by nature?)
  23. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.( Thats why Fashionistas never care to introduce hairstyles for men and we are the ones coz of whom the likes of Alim, Habib thrive)
  24. You only have to shave your face and neck. (And you create a fuss for that...ever wonder how it would feel to see us in hairy arms,legs and even bikini-lines)
  25. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.(And who looks at them,anyways?)
  26. You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife.(Go down to such depths just to save 15 bucks on a decent nail-cutter? Gross!! )
  27. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache. (Cleanliness is next to Godliness)

No wonder men are happier and we ladies,The Happiest... :) Jokes, apart...Somehow,no matter how much i cry about the lack of freedom i get compared to the guys, i secretly in the corner of my heart love the security,pampering and footage we get being ladies...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soap-n-Saas Bahu

Well tried to beautify my blog today…till now fared well… learning lot many things…m gonna end it here.guess i am facing a writer's block...something like stage fear wen its pretty new to them...lets see how i of now dont wanna write more... Watching a daily saas-bahu soap rite now… that reminds me of an incident in College Days…we had a GD session going on and the topic was “Do Daily Soaps make a difference in our lives?”

As the bell rang all pounced on the mic, creating a fish market, all vying to gain points frm the judges by waxing eloquent on the pros and cons and displaying their colloquial skills… a poor guy neva got chance to speak…so the instant he saw that there was a pause at the end of the gd, he caught hold of this opportunity and spoke into the mic as if trying to gain a consensus and thus have an edge over the others by proving that he was the only mature person out there who understands the importance of others’ viewpoints…and here are his lines…

“my friends, no matter how much we agree or disagree on the importance of the soap, but at the beginning of the day… you all use the same thing to bathe… Then why differ on views when we all agree that we use a soap to take bath? I hope this would sum up our topic and bring and end to this discussion…”

Everybody mute…pin drop silence… he looked questioningly at all…and then from the judges corner came a sputter…and then the entire hall broke into a chaos and myriad of laughter…never saw that poor guy after that in any public place of the college…after this debacle he’s said to hide himself in library for the major part of the day…

Well with this thing ending here,.. lemme guess wats going on this female protagonist’s mind…would she be able to discover the evil intentions of her husband’s ex girl friend cum 2nd wife cum divorced bhabhi or would she run off with the boy friend of her daughter???

Rather I would prefer to switch on to the predictable comedy. Atleast it doesn’t have those violent backdrops and background sounds and flashing sepia colored and negative shaded screens that seem to bounce back frm my tv screen. Atleast the stand-up comedians provide some respite from this boring life of mine englued to the silver screen…

Chalo from this vendetta till the next…. As the vamps in the serials are seen to I say……. BYE !! Bye !!! Byeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hindi-Chini Bye Bye ???

Generally I don’t talk about Political Issues. I usually am like other country fellows of mine and don’t actually want to dirty my hands in this mess. But this issue has been poking the world for quite sometime. Is Tibet Burning?

I don’t know why I have turned into a person who doesn’t sympathize with Tibetans anymore. Its not that I love China but I suffer from the same fate as Tibetans the difference being I am a refugee in my own country and they flee to the neighbours.

Why should we support Tibet? I don’t know why unknowingly I signed so many petitions that support Tibet but somewhere I had a discussion with a person on this topic and it changed my mindset.

China has spent sooooooooooooooooo much on the development of Tibet but they choose not to progress and develop. China wont stop its progress just for the sake of a handful protestors. Since when did sympathy matter in the matters of land? If I look at tibetans now,…its with regret for the opportunities they lost. China spends so much on this lands development. These people get special reservations in India…they come here. Take seats in professional courses…Study with us only to ignore us in the whole semester wearing the same smelly tshirt for ages and ages and loose dangling jeans that you bet upon sometimes to slip off their hips… Study only to get converted into a monk and chant Om mani Padme hum…
I m not against any religion here…….. but this is showing a person an easier way towards success. I understand the pain of not being in one’s motherland but the regret of not having done what u could have with the opportunity in hand is greater…

I don’t know how in this war of Buddhism against Communism can you expect maroon saffron clad mantra chanters to win? Once a person told me that when you know little about a topic, its better to keep shut but I cant and I wont. Because I believe that although they suffer they are themselves to be blamed for it.

Life never has been a bed of roses for anyone. What use is a magsaysay or nobel peace prize when you cant use it for the upliftment of your own people? In this world where sons kill parents for money how can you simply pray, eat thukpa and pray again for elevation from your sufferings? Somehting has to be done. Violence in certain measures is justified to me if it brings light to your cause? Why are you sitting there like saints allowing the Chinese who have done so much for you come barging into your house every night to conduct searches and raids? Don’t you think it’s the time to show the fire? It’s the time when the Lord gets Devotees to fight for his Land…it’s the time when you have to standup for yourselves and hit back…hit back hard and hit it where it hurts the most. Usurping lands has become a trait of China.. one might say it’s the right of the might. You can say that always bigger countries have tried to annex parts of their neighbours…look at Russia Georgia,…or China and India (Aksai Chin- China occupied Kashmir and barging into the Indian territory in Arunachal)

It’s the time when we have to stop this menace rolling towards us. Shake off that sleepy look from your face and fight the slowly rising demon. Boycott it. Boycott its cheap goods. Fund your country’s economy by purchasing ur own products even though u wud pay 10-20 bucks extra... But then its for the Cause…Our Cause…. We Live and not merely exist so we have to fight.

Guess I started on a different note and ended on a different one. Well, that’s me for you... I never wanted to end antagonizing China...had developed a different mindset in these few days but guess roots are roots and they over come you when you bring out your real self and start penning down your thoughts... True Innermost thoughts come out. I had tried to have a different outlook. Look from China’s point of view..but then no matter how hard I try, I cant forget the Sino-Indian Conflict...And I am real glad,the boys of country made us proud in the land of China in the Olympics....

Guess now I go back and will again join the hordes of my countrymen and chant China is a Brute...Cant take this stand to be a China sympathizer, just to prove that I'm different...

Gtg...Boss behind me...have to leave it where it is..guess this is the end this post deserves

MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Post...

Mirror or no mirror, I know that I have an ego as big as Mt. Everest… So, here’s my first post about my darling, for my darling and by my darling.. and that’s Moi…
Let me help you know me better so you don’t wonder about the meaningless drivel that you come across…and if at all it perturbs you, knowing who has written it, you would rest assured.
5 Things About Me… or could be more but this seemed the apt title for my first post.
5 Snacks I enjoy…
1) Chat or PaniPuri anytime, with lots and lots of Onions and Tomatoes mixed
2) Hot Hot Sizzling Brownie
3) Lays Cream-n-Onion Flavour
4) Bread and Butter…(believe me or not..i actually relish it anytime of the day)
5) Raw Maggi with Masala sprinkled over it…( The hot spicy taste of it … the memories of its taste brought back by a burp few moments ago..make sure its absolutely raw,just out of the packet and crunchy)
5 Bad Habits I possess...
1) Thinking over small things again and again
2) My voice and current size (both make my presence conspicuous)
3) Disordered Wardrobe and I hate ironing
4) Ready to Eat at the drop of your hat
5) Cracking my knuckles
5 Things I Love to Do...
1) Purposely getting wet in rain only to come back to Mom’s pampering, Snuggling in the warm blanket and listen to the sound of pouring rain with Hot Bournvita or Chocolate Drink and Triangles of Bread Jam and Bread-Butter on my side.
2) Look at old pictures in the albums
3) Read Everything I can lay my hands on and that means everything…Even in Bathrooms…Love reading Archies there though but can manage with anything Right from Mfg Date and Address on the crimp of Tooth Pastes to the Principal Ingredients of Harpic
4) Cook for my family or Snuggle beside Mom wheneva’s shez fast asleep
5) Watching Tom and Jerry all alone with just me and a bottle of coke.
5 Biggest Joys at the Moment...
1) That my birthday is round the corner
2) The bar of Cadbury Crackle that’s in my Bag and that I’m gonna relish after this
3) People are dying to send me onsite and I'm refusing..Glad that I m in such a position to refuse...
4) Funny Videos loaded in my hard disk
5) I finally got down to writing this blog
5 Things I don’t like...
1) Flies buzzing around me or Red ants in near proximity of my food
2) The fact that I don’t know why I have started liking Hrithik and Shahrukh all of a sudden although I will never admit it again after this
3) People picking their nose and admiring, examining and analyzing the goo
4) Men Scratching their Balls anywhere and everywhere and lining up near the walls to relieve themselves
5) The wait before the Exams and then the wait for the Results
5 Things I don’t know why...
1) Why do I cry when I see any actor/actress crying in movies or any damn sad scene?
2) Why can’t I express it to my parents and the people I love that I miss them and love them even if I move 5 more Kms further from where I am?
3) Why do I get poignant when I see sufferings around me?
4) Why do I get nostalgic when I see the school where I studied and then try to hide my tears and act as if it doesn’t matter?
5) Why do I get a different feeling when I hear our National Anthem or something that makes our nation Proud? A mixed feeling of pride and nostalgia when I see others praising and saluting my country whereas its own citizens criticize and despise it, myself being one of them.
5 Things I like about myself...
1) A wannabe aspirant to become a hybrid of Bill Gates + Mother Teresa + Micheal Jackson. Lemme Explain ( Bill gates – richest, Mother teresa- love,compassion for those in suffering, Micheal Jackson- fame…a silly farmer in xianzhou wud know him. So All in all, I love myself for daring aspire to become the Most Richest, Loved and the Most Famous Person on Earth)
2) No matter How much Sad I feel at that instant, I would go out of way to help out others in their problem
3) The fact that I relate myself to anything I watch on the reel..TV/Movies
4) I really care irrespective of the innumerable times when I say I don’t
5) That I don’t stay in the same mood for long. Love my polarity,.. Actually the way my face lights up when I see Cadbury Dairymilk in front of me…
5 Things I hate or absolutely abhor...
1) Obnoxious smell of public urinals in India
2) Oil-free Diet Food
3) Dumping me with work or requesting for Status Report just as I m abt to leave office
4) An Indian Citizen with just 2-3 weeks exposure of US onsite talking in US English Accent using their Slangs
5) People asking me to reduce and offering free diet tips and slimming ideas with one typical line…Tu Patli ho jayegi to bahut achchi dikhegi…kareena kapoor lagegi..Why would I wanna be like her? I m happy being myself.
5 Things I want to Do before I Die...
1) World Tour not missing out a single country (Cruise included)
2) Feeding Penguins,Orangutans and Koalas out of my hand
3) Buy a Swiss Chalet kinda palace on a sea shore
4) Pray at each and every famous Hindu Temple for the happiness of my family
5) Visit all the places that Make India incredible
5 Places I would love to go once again...
1) Wanakbori Thermal Power Station Housing Colony
2) Kathmandu
3) Karan Nagar
4) Istanbul
5) Dehradun
5 Questions in my mind at the moment...
1) Why don’t I have a typical Accent that’s particular to anyone who has stayed in any state for more than 20 years
2) Why don’t Gods have surnames?
3) When will India become a super-power as foretold by so many astrologers and vanquish its neighbours?
4) Who all would wish me on my birthday and gift wat???????
5) Would this well begun be half done ???

Well, as they end it in Tom-n-Jerry…I will sign off saying That’s all Folks...