Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soap-n-Saas Bahu

Well tried to beautify my blog today…till now fared well… learning lot many things…m gonna end it here.guess i am facing a writer's block...something like stage fear wen its pretty new to them...lets see how i of now dont wanna write more... Watching a daily saas-bahu soap rite now… that reminds me of an incident in College Days…we had a GD session going on and the topic was “Do Daily Soaps make a difference in our lives?”

As the bell rang all pounced on the mic, creating a fish market, all vying to gain points frm the judges by waxing eloquent on the pros and cons and displaying their colloquial skills… a poor guy neva got chance to speak…so the instant he saw that there was a pause at the end of the gd, he caught hold of this opportunity and spoke into the mic as if trying to gain a consensus and thus have an edge over the others by proving that he was the only mature person out there who understands the importance of others’ viewpoints…and here are his lines…

“my friends, no matter how much we agree or disagree on the importance of the soap, but at the beginning of the day… you all use the same thing to bathe… Then why differ on views when we all agree that we use a soap to take bath? I hope this would sum up our topic and bring and end to this discussion…”

Everybody mute…pin drop silence… he looked questioningly at all…and then from the judges corner came a sputter…and then the entire hall broke into a chaos and myriad of laughter…never saw that poor guy after that in any public place of the college…after this debacle he’s said to hide himself in library for the major part of the day…

Well with this thing ending here,.. lemme guess wats going on this female protagonist’s mind…would she be able to discover the evil intentions of her husband’s ex girl friend cum 2nd wife cum divorced bhabhi or would she run off with the boy friend of her daughter???

Rather I would prefer to switch on to the predictable comedy. Atleast it doesn’t have those violent backdrops and background sounds and flashing sepia colored and negative shaded screens that seem to bounce back frm my tv screen. Atleast the stand-up comedians provide some respite from this boring life of mine englued to the silver screen…

Chalo from this vendetta till the next…. As the vamps in the serials are seen to I say……. BYE !! Bye !!! Byeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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